7 outfits that you are not supposed to wear to a wedding

7 outfits that you are not supposed to wear to a wedding

Weddings are considered to be some of the most intimate celebrations in all cultures. It is a celebration of love and people dressing up to come and witness to gorgeous people exchange their vow and start a new life as a couple.

As a result of this, if you have been invited to attend a wedding, the least that you can do is dress up and dress appropriately for the occasion.

You should always remember that it’s not your day so don’t go over with the intentions of stealing the show.

Low cut outfits

Considering the wedding will be attended by guests of varying ages, keep your girls to yourself just this one time. Low necks, barebacks, high slits and short dresses should be saved for the after-party. You can still be decent and make heads turn.

All black

It is okay to put on a cute black dress but never put on full black. Black is usually associated with funerals or people who are mourning. Love is meant to be celebrated with brighter colours and if at all you want something dark, try blue or any navy colour.

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A replica of the bridesmaids’ dresses

This is a huge no-no! Remember in a wedding you’re just a guest, therefore let the bridal party get the attention they deserve especially if you know the colour scheme and theme.


Be it white or off white, this goes without saying. You should never wear the colour the bride’s dress is in. Reason? The bride should be in white and the centre of attention. Period! If you really want to wear white opt for a neutral colour instead.

Sweat pants

Even if the wedding calls for a casual theme, trust me it’s not that casual! It’s better to be overdressed than being underdressed. If you think you won’t be comfortable, try a soft natural cotton outfit. Please do not come in sweat pants.


Considering how casual and dress down jeans are, skip it altogether. If you really must, try a blue jumpsuit and dress it up.

Try to imagine someone showing up to your wedding in denim, how would that make you feel?