5 Types of shoes every man should own

Good quality shoes forms part of one of the mens essentials when it comes to fashion and generally looking the part. Below are some of the must haves

In Brief

– Good quality shoes forms part of one of the mens essentials when it comes to fashion and generally looking the part. Below are some of the must haves. Suede moccasins, white sneakers, running shoes, boots and derby dress shoes.

Proper men’s shoes are one of the most important essentials for a mans wardrobe. this is because shoes tend to complement the overall look of a man.

In a study that was conducted among women to be precise, most of them admitted to first looking at a mans shoes before anything else at first meeting. This emphasizes more on the importance of having quality shoes.

Below are some of the shoes that every man must own.

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Running shoes

There’s nothing better than a sleek pair of athletic shoes. Not only can they function as your gym shoes, but they can be worn with your casual outfits, as well.

Always sticking with a black/white, black/grey/white, or navy/white colour to ensure that your sneakers compliment all your outfits. Bright colours like neon green or a bright red will only draw attention away from your outfit.

When purchasing running shoes always go for shoes with a white sole.

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Suede Moccasins

The reason why these shoes are a must-have for every man is because

  1. They are pretty comfortable and stylish
  2. You can wear them with anything casual

There are three things to remember about driving moccasins:

  1. Only wear no-show socks with them.
  2. Before you wear them for the first time, make sure you Scotchguard them in order to protect the suede from dirt & liquids as much as possible.
  3. They’re going to get dirty, it’s inevitable with suede. So buy them knowing they’re going to have a shorter shelf life than the rest of your shoes, but trust me, you won’t care because they’re so damn comfortable.

Derby dress shoes

Every man needs at least a black and possibly brown pair of dress shoes in his wardrobe. They go well with all outfits outside of a super casual outfit.

Since you should at least own one suit, these are necessary because you can’t get away with wearing any other shoes with your suit. Remember: the goal is to have you looking amazing, no matter the scenario or outfit.

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White sneakers

They’re clean, classy and look great with a lot of your casual, even up to a little more dressy, outfits. Throw on a nice fitted blazer and some dark wash jeans with them and they’ll look amazing.

Under no circumstance should you wear these with a suit. That’s a trend that’s been floating around for a few years and I just think you’re not doing a suit justice by dumbing it down with sneakers.


They’re utilitarian in that you can wear them in a lot of adverse weather situations as well as in more elevated casual outfits. I prefer brown because boots are usually more geared toward the cooler months and it goes AMAZINGLY well with the dark wash jeans and wool trousers you should already own. But don’t be mistaken, you can also wear these year-round.

Just don’t wear them with a suit, strictly casual.