5 Top reasons why most relationships fail

5 Top reasons why most relationships fail

Falling in love is easy but making that relationship to last long is difficult.

It looks so good in the beginning, but after a few days, it slowly starts to fall into pieces with each passing day for seemingly no reason. For any relationship to be sustainable, it requires work and willingness from both parties.

If you are not up for the task ahead of you, then it cant work. here are some of the reasons why relationships fail.

Lack of time

Not spending enough quality time with your partner is also one of the main reasons why relationships fail nowadays.

With the current crazy work schedules that people have, most couples forget to have some time alone with there partners hence creating a good breeding ground for breakups.


Anger is a natural and healthy emotion that everyone emits and feel from time to time.

However, it can become a problem if it is too extreme, hard to control, or lasts too long.

Relationships require someone who can forgive and let go of things, don’t let your emotions to cloud your judgement such that you lose a good thing.

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Poor communication

Communication can either make or break a relationship. Poor communication often leads to conflicts in relationships resulting in breakups. Thus, good communication is very important for a healthy relationship.

Compatibility issues

Compatibility is a strong pillar to build your relationship on a solid foundation. Some couples are together but not comfortable with each other which is due to the lack of compatibility between them.

For any relationship to work both parties should be compatible at least in some aspects.

Trust issues

Always try to be honest and truthful with your partner to avoid room for unnecessary suspicions. For any relationship to thrive, there has to be trust and if the trust is broken, the relationship is dead.