5 Things to remember before calling it quits

5 Things to remember before calling it quits

Marriage is the most beautiful institution ever created by God but its only beautiful if you are with the right person.

However, this doesn’t mean that it’s going to be a smooth ride all the way. Just like any other relationship, there are going to be rough patches along the way.

Sometimes, it’s going to be so bad that you feel like packing up your bags but if it ever gets to that point, please consider these things before leaving.

Time is precious

It takes time to build a business so is a marriage. You won’t wake up today and get it done. Marriage requires time and work, it can take years for you to feel like you going somewhere.

With that in mind, you will think twice before leaving your marriage. You have to put in the time for you to enjoy it.

Focus less on the weaknesses. Work to the strengths of each other to get to your desired destination.

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Remember who you are

It’s important, especially for women, to maintain a clear identity on what their individual purpose in life is outside of being a wife and a mother. The man you married, met you when you had a purpose.

When you lose this purpose, he loses a sense of who you are and therefore why he chose you. Always build yourself. You will inevitably build your marriage.

Don’t give ultimatums

Men don’t like ultimatums, they might cave and give you what you want, but it doesn’t accomplish the end result.

When you threaten to ‘leave’ he stops having faith in the investment you both made and a part of him, checks out.

Learn to communicate what you are unhappy with without a threat attached. Allow him to be a part of the solution and not the problem you are trying to solve.

God is a God of second chances

If you are a Christian then you know that God is a God of second chance and so are you. before making up your mind to quit, you can try forgiving.

This can solve things and make life better for you rather than taking the high road.

Opposite attracts

The irony is, the thing that drew you to your partner, is the thing that will be the stumbling block in the relationship. We attract the things we don’t have. For instance, if you’re noisy, you will be attracted to a quiet person because you admire that element of composure in them.

The best solution is to remember your differences and accept them then, find a way to complement each other.