5 Things to consider when choosing the best primary care doctor

5 Things to consider when choosing the best primary care doctor

Your primary care physician is possibly your most important health care professional. Don’t just pick a name or any hospital without doing your due diligence.

If you have never given this some thought now is the time for that. Reason being, this is the doctor that you will always go to whenever you are having a health crisis. It’s best if you chose someone that you can trust and be open with.

Think about gender preference

You don’t know what your doctor’s really thinking, so you might feel more comfortable discussing certain issues with a doctor of the same sex. But it might not matter in terms of the actual care you receive.

So if you prefer male doctors to female doctors, then chose one by all means.

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The right doctor shouldn’t make you feel rushed

Another sign you’ve found a doctor who’s a keeper, You leave the office feeling heard, and like your questions were answered. Doctors spend an average of 13 to 16 minutes per patient. That’s not much time with someone you only see once a year.

When the right fit is found, patients should leave the appointment satisfied that their questions were addressed with patience, sincerity and candour.

You should be comfortable opening-up

If you’re dealing with a specialist who might be the only person who can perform what you need done, you might be willing to accept a lack of bedside manner. But for your primary care doctor, choose one with whom you feel at ease.

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Know what type of doctors they are

If you have a particular health problem, seek out an internist familiar with your concern. And keep in mind that you may call your primary care physician a GP (general practitioner), but that’s not an actual speciality. Nor does it come with required board certification.

Consider the location

Location matters because of convenience and you never want to underestimate convenience. When you need a doctor, you don’t want to travel far, especially if you need to schedule a visit more than once a year.