5 Signs that you are not taking good care of yourself

5 Signs that you are not taking good care of yourself

You may be trying to live a healthy life but what you perceive to be healthy might not be to your body.

Our bodies do have various mechanisms to notify us when things are not great in any part of the system. When it does so, all we have to do is just to listen and provide the necessary remedies. By doing that, you will be assisting the body to get back to normal and operate at the optimum level.

What are some of the signs that you are not being kind to your body?

Constantly stressed up

Whether it’s work, family, relationship, or general concern with the world we live in, constant stress can wreck your health. The corrosive hormone cortisol will stay elevated.

When cortisol levels are unbalanced or spiked, this can cause us to feel moody, anxious, depressed, or suffer from poor cognitive function–all equating to lower libido and self-worth.

High cortisol can also cause an increase in body fat and inflammation, which can lead to less self-confidence, frustration, and reduced energy and overall well-being.

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Feel sleepy at all times

Apart from carving out time to exercise and taking care to follow a good diet, your nightly slumber is a key component to your health. So when you’re struggling to fall and stay asleep or you just feel like you can never get enough snooze-time, talk to your doctor ASAP and get some advice.

Acne breakout

Though acne is largely a genetic and/or hormonal condition, there are several factors that could be enticing an unfortunate zit (or five) to erupt more frequently.

Stress may trigger a flare-up. It has been well-documented that stress in the workplace or in school during exam periods is associated with worsening of acne.

When you sleep, cortisol levels naturally go down. Other culprits could be consuming too many sugary and starchy foods, which lead to high blood sugar levels, encouraging inflammation.

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Dry skin

flaky spots could be a clue that your low-fat diet is behind a fatty-acid deficiency. In addition to adding a daily moisturizer that’s compatible with your skin type and hydrating, adding more good-fats to your daily menu. These could be avocados, walnuts, olives and more.

You are having brain fog

After what you considered a good night’s rest, you wake up feeling spacey, and you walk out the door without your wallet. Don’t just chalk up forgetfulness to ageing. He says brain fog can be indicative of something more serious, like a hormone imbalance that impacts cognitive issues.