5 Reasons why you shouldn’t discuss your relationship with your friends

5 Reasons why you shouldn’t discuss your relationship with your friends

While it is okay to vent while angry, you need to pay attention to who you are ranting out to. Most of the time we value and have set some expectations of our friends, but we forget that they are human with flawed characters and sometimes they can disappoint too.

To avoid getting disappointed in your friends, how about you start by keeping some of the details about your relationship to yourself?

This might sound mean but the truth is that not all your friends mean well to you.

Here are other reasons why you should do this.

They can get jealous

In all honesty, we always expect our friends to have the best intention for us and show their support to us but, that’s never the case. Sometimes some of them just don’t value you as much as you do value them.

When people get jealous, you never know the lengths that they can go to just to see you unhappy so tread cautiously.

Give the wrong advice

This is a bitter pill to swallow but, most friends give the wrong advice. Reason being, they will give you advice based on their own experience and nothing else.

So before you implement the advice given to you, think about it rationally before messing things up.

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They hold grudges

Your friends love you. So, any time they hear a story of someone doing you wrong they automatically get upset. Usually, when you are sharing a story with them you are speaking from an emotional place.

This ain’t a good thing because when you will finally have cooled off, they will still show some disdain to your partner.

They can make you think the worst

This tends to happen quite often in most of the girls’ circles. There is no doubt that your friends love you but when you tell them something negative about your partner or how a certain habit in them upset you, they’ll start poking holes in everything.

What they are supposed to be doing is help you keep a positive, they’ll be doing the reverse, which is getting you worked up.