Kenyans ranked the most generous people in Africa

CBK Governor holding up the new kenyan Notes

Kenyans ranked the most generous people in Africa

In a study that was conducted by Charities Aid Foundation(CAF), Kenyans were ranked as the most generous people in Africa.

The research looked at three aspects of giving behaviors, helping a stranger, donating money and volunteering.

Helping a stranger is the most commonly performed giving behavior across the world with 48.3% having done so across the 10 years of the World Giving Index.

The wold giving index was conducted among 25 countries across the world. globally, Kenya was ranked 11.

In the 2018 World Giving Index, it was noticed that Kenyans had tremendously improved in their generosity with half of the population donating to charities.

It was also noted that the index scores of Kenya had improved by 19 scores if compared to the 2010 World Giving Index.