Jforce: How to become A Sales Consultant Online

Jforce: How to become A Sales Consultant Online
Jforce: How to become A Sales Consultant Online

Jforce: How to become A Sales Consultant Online

looking for a job in Kenya is becoming tough, thus individuals are continually looking for new ways to supplement their income and making money online is one of those ways.

JForce, is a program that is run by Jumia Kenya and allows individuals to earn commission by assisting customers place orders on Jumia online shop.

Anybody can sign up for the program online and they can go ahead and sell any of the products listed on Jumia.

As a signed J-Force agent, you earn a commission depending on the number of sales you do per month.  You can also make money by recruiting new sales consultants.

Be Your Own Boss as A JForce Sales Consultant

Becoming financially independent is everyone’s dream, by joining JForce, you become your own boss. You don’t have to report to Jumia’s office not unless there is training. This job can be accomplished anywhere. 

To become a JForce sales consultant you start by registering as a JForce agent via Jumia Kenya website.

But is that all?

No, after signing up, you continually receive training to help you move up and get higher commissions. Through the training, you get excellent skills and knowledge that make you empowered to thrive in the business world.

The training is free and its conducted by the Jumia team. After the training, you are free to start selling the over 1,000,000 products listed on Jumia.

Benefits of Becoming a JForce Sales Consultant

1.You Earn Money

Through JForce, you can make as much money as you want, it’s not salary based. The more you work the more you earn. Also, it’s important to note that you need zero capital to join JForce. 

2.You are your Own Boss

You become an independent sales consultant when you join JForce, you have complete control over your activities. You can work from anywhere in the world. You control how much time you want to work and how much money you want to make.

3. You get Trained

Once you join JForce, Jumia team provides you with excellent skills and knowledge to make sure that you become fully empowered, in the process you gain new skills and develop personal confidence.

4. Have Fun

It is fun working as your own boss, but it’s more fun to sell and get rewarded for it. More so, you meet new people, enjoy bonuses and attend Jumia Kenya social events such as awards events and breakfast. 

JForce program creates self-employment by offering you a platform of a lifetime where you do not have to work for any boss and at the same time earn unlimited income.

Get on the JForce training today and earn money through commissions by selling items listed on Jumia. Other ways to make money through Jumia includes becoming a Jumia affiliate partner.