I don’t fear being arrested over alleged graft, Governor Mike Sonko pens an emotional letter, reveals why he remains silent

Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko. [Photo/whoownskenya]

I don’t fear being arrested over alleged graft, Governor Mike Sonko pens an emotional letter, reveals why he remains silent

Embattled Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has taken to his official Facebook page to speak on recent corruption allegations shadows that have been trailing him in recent days.

Sonko said he is not a coward and does not in any way fear being arrested as some of his critics have alleged.

Below is the full content of the letter he wrote, unedited.

“To my critics who think I fear being arrested. No No No No No. They must talk during the day and sleep at night.


AS Nairobi City County Governor, I stand out for two main things: I do not shy away from controversy, I always walk the talk on zero tolerance on corruption!

That is why I’m on record promising to step aside if I will be found to have a case to answer on any of the allegations under investigations touching on Nairobi County.

As a show of my commitment to the fight against corruption, when EACC summoned me to shed light on the garbage collection tenders, I not only drove myself to their offices but was at Integrity Centre as early as 6:00 AM.

No doubt I could have allowed throngs of my supporters to accompany me to EACC as did Kiambu Governor Waititu but I insisted on going there alone based on my belief that everyone should carry his own cross and the summons were directed to me in my capacity as the Governor of Nairobi and not the people I serve or any of my supporters. The anti-graft agencies must be allowed to do their work independently without interference or intimidation.

This is also precisely why I have maintained total silence on the matter of EACC investigations even after several fake news reports by Media Houses as I do not want to issue any statement pre-empting or jeopardizing the EACC investigations, its findings or final report. However, I wish to compliment the EACC for the good and professional treatment they accorded me when they were questioning me and recording my statement.

I have also made a personal decision to stay away from my City Hall Office as a way to avoid being accused of interfering with official records which might be used as evidence against me.

For this war on corruption to be won the Public, President, Dpp and all investigative agencies must be supported by example and people like us must set the pace. I can’t be in the front line to support the war against corruption then when I’m accused of corruption I start fighting the agencies no no not me I will not do that.

However, the few who are celebrating thinking ati they will take advantage of my absence and silence waanze ukora ole wenu. And to those fake friends from ….. who were pushing me to appoint my deputy and step aside under pressure kumbaff sana, takataka gasia.

I will only appoint my deputy once the ongoing legislation on County Government amendment bill which is pending before the Senate and National assembly’s mediation committee is concluded and forwarded to the President for assent.

I leave this question to legal experts: What if both Governor and his Deputy have to be absent from office or step aside temporarily at the same time, who will act as Governor under Article 179(5) of the Constitution?

Nevertheless, as the elected Governor of this great City, I remain very much in charge and I am actively overseeing the day to day running of the Nairobi City County affairs. City Residents can confirm that service delivery in the county is running as usual and there is no power vacuum in the County.

Long live Great people and enjoy the rest of your day.”