How to renew your Driving License at Huduma Centre.


Huduma Kenya Programme is a Government of Kenya initiative whose aim is to turn around public service delivery by providing efficient and accessible Government services at the convenience of citizens through various integrated service delivery platforms. The Ministry of Public Service Youth and Gender Affairs is implementing the programme through the Huduma Kenya Secretariat.

How to renew your Driving License from Huduma Centre.

A. Name
B. ID number
C. Email address

Cost: a. One year – 650
b. Three years – 1450 (Payment made via M-Pesa)
Timelines:   30 minutes (Depending on whether details are available in the system)

For more information call Huduma Contact Centre: +254 (020) 6900020

Or visit nearest Huduma Centre

Or Contact:National Transport & Safety Authority (NTSA) Hill Park Building; Upper Hill 0709 932 000, 020 6632 000