How to register PayPal Mobile Money Service with M-PESA.

This is a money transfer service for PayPal and M-PESA users, enabling joint customers to move funds between their own accounts. The service is provided by TransferTo in partnership with Safaricom and PayPal.The Service is operated by TransferTo in cooperation with PayPal and Safaricom. TransferTo is a B2B mobile payment network connecting financial institutions and mobile operators globally.

To qualify, you must have an eligible Kenyan PayPal and M-PESA account.In order to use the PayPal Mobile Money Service with M-PESA, you need to have a qualifying Kenyan PayPal and M-PESA account. When registering to use this service, you’ll then link your two accounts and will be able to move your money from one to the other.

How do i register for this services?

  1. Log in with your PayPal login details (email and password).
  2. Enter your M-PESA account phone number.
  3. After submitting your account details,M-PESA will send you a 4-digit verification code to the mobile number associated with your M-PESA account.
  4. Please enter the code to confirm and complete the account linkage.