Helabet Uganda Account & App Registration and Login

Helabet Uganda provides a first deposit bonus of 100% awarded after registration.

How to register and bet on HelaBet Uganda - Step by step guide
How to register and bet on HelaBet Uganda - Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

Helabet Uganda Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to register on Helabet Uganda


Click here to login to Helabet Uganda


In brief

    1. This article answers some of the questions you might have about Helabet Uganda registration and Helabet Uganda login.
    2. We tell you about the Helabet Uganda App download, Helabet Uganda paybill, and Helabet Uganda bonus.
    3. Read on for information about Helabet Uganda Partners, Helabet Uganda casino, and Helabet Uganda promotion code.
    4. Also find details on Helabet Uganda contacts, Helabet Uganda games, and the Helabet Uganda jackpot.
    5. The article also touches on Helabet Uganda’s minimum stake and Helabet Uganda cash out.



About Helabet Uganda


Click here to register on Helabet Uganda


    1. HelaBet is registered under the laws of Uganda.
    2. The Gaming Company is authorized and regulated by the  Lotteries and Gaming Regulatory Board of Uganda License Number GB-025. 



Helabet Uganda registration

    1. Click here to register on Helabet Uganda
    2. Fill in the registration form with your personal details
    3. Accept the HelaBet Uganda terms and conditions
    4. Hit the “Submit” button



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Helabet Uganda Login

Logging in to your Helabet Uganda account is very simple. You only need the following;

    1. A smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet access
    3. Your login details are your phone number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Helabet Uganda



Helabet Uganda App download

    1. Click here to download the Helabet Uganda Android mobile App.
    2. Click here to download the Helabet Uganda iOS mobile App.



Helabet Uganda registration bonus

    1. Helabet Uganda provides a first deposit bonus of 100% awarded after registration.
    2. The bonus is awarded after you make your very first deposit to your Helabet Uganda account.
    3. The amount awarded under this bonus cannot exceed €100.
    4. If you enter the exclusive PROMO130 Promo code your bonus will be increased up to €130 or in equivalent currency.



Helabet Uganda Partners (Helabet Uganda affiliates)

    1. This program gives you a chance to earn more income away from betting.
    2. You get paid for every new customer/player you bring to Helabet Kenya.
    3. Helabet Uganda affiliates boast of fast payment to partners.
    4. Click here to join and learn more about the program.  


Helabet Uganda minimum stake ($0.30/€0.20)

Helabet Uganda’s minimum stake on any single selection is $0.30/€0.20.



Helabet Uganda free bet

    1. Helabet Uganda has no free bets, but take advantage of the rebate bonus program.
    2. The amount you use in betting per week is calculated.
    3. Helabet Uganda then gives you 0.3% of the total amount to place more bets.
    4. The minimum Helabet Uganda rebate bonus you can receive is $1.
    5. The maximum rebate bonus amount awarded is $1,000.



Helabet Uganda casino

    1. Helabet Uganda casino and live casino are found at the top of the Helabet Kenya page.
    2. These games are also integrated into the Helabet Uganda Live Casino experience, to enhance your thrill.
    3. Helabet Uganda has an impressive casino collection with games like;
        1. Baccarat
        2. Roulette



Helabet Uganda contacts (+254700633633)

    1. Email Helabet Uganda using the address: support-en@helabet.com
    2. Contact Helabet Uganda security through: security@helabet.com
    3. Click here to send Helabets Uganda a message.
    4. Call Helabet Uganda using the number: +254700633633


Helabet Uganda promotion code (PROMO130)

Enter the exclusive PROMO130 Promo code for your bonus to be increased up to €130 or in equivalent currency.



Helabet Uganda cash out

    1. Helabet Uganda does Not have cash out, but it has a Bet slip sale option.
    2. Under this offer, you can sell the bet slip back to the company and recover the money you spent.
    3. Login to your Helabet Uganda account and proceed to “My bets”
    4. If you do not see the “Sale” button, then the bet slip cannot be sold.
    5. Bet slip sale is impossible if the bet has already been settled.
    6. Helabet Uganda Bet slip sale is not always available, it is put on selected bets.



Helabet Uganda deposit online 

    1. Login to your Helabet Uganda account.
    2. Click on payments
    3. Choose a payment method and click on deposit
    4. Specify your deposit amount
    5. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.


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Helabet Uganda Games 

    1. Helabet Uganda’s website displays games for betting in a categorized manner.
    2. All the categories appear at the top of the page
    3. Helabet Uganda games have the following categories;
      1. Live games
      2. Sports
      3. Casino
      4. Live casino
      5. Bingo



Helabet Uganda Jackpot

    1. Another interesting promotional offer on HelaBet is with respect to the Jackpot.
    2. There are four levels to HelaBet’s Jackpot, and winners are announced each week.
    3. To participate in the Jackpot, you must place sports bets on odds of more than, or equal to 1.25.
    4. A portion of your placed bet is used as a measure around which the amount of money won via Jackpot, is tabulated.



Helabet Uganda withdrawal

    1. Login to your Helabet Uganda account.
    2. Click on the ‘profile‘ option on the right-hand corner of the homepage.
    3. On the ‘balance management‘ option, click on ‘withdraw‘.
    4. Enter your withdrawal amount.
    5. When it comes to withdrawals, there is only one withdrawal option on HelaBet Uganda; DusuPay.
    6. There is no specified maximum withdrawal amount.
    7. The bookmaker does not charge any withdrawal fees whatsoever, and withdrawals usually take 1-2 Working Days to be processed.



How do I recover my Helabet Uganda account after losing the password?

    1. You can still be able to recover your account even after forgetting the login password. Click on this link to reset your Helabet login password.
    2. You will have the option to choose either to recover your account via email or via your phone number.
    3. After choosing your option, key in the passcode sent to you and create a new password then login.



Can I change my Username on Helabet Uganda?

Unfortunately no. You remain with the username entered at the time of registration unless you want to make a new registration.


How to Play on Helabet Uganda

    1. Login to your Helabet Uganda account.
    2. Click on the option you wish to bet on; whether Pre-match or Live bets.
    3. A variety of games are displayed on the Company Homepage.
    4. Choose the games you wish to play and select the odds by clicking on them.
    5. The chosen selection will automatically be added to your bet slip.
    6. Click on Bet Slip at the bottom left of your page.
    7. Input your stake amount in your Stake box and place your bet.



Types of bets on Helabet Uganda

Helabet Uganda pre-match predictions

    1. Helabet offers its members a huge variety of sporting and betting markets including soccer matches, tennis, boxing, and politics.
    2. The main focus is however on football.
    3. The average number of events offered per sport per day is more than 200 and over 600 over the weekends.


Helabet Uganda live betting/ In-play betting

    1. The In-play section of the Helabet website can be accessed through a live button placed in the light purple toolbar on the homepage.
    2. This is where the most popular sports are placed.
    3. Sharp-looking 2D graphics that depict the game action will aid you in easily identifying the teams’ names.
    4. You can also check the live calendar to view upcoming fixtures. to check whether your team has won or not, click on the Results tab.


Helabet Uganda mobile betting/ app

    1. Helabet has its site replicated in a mobile-phone-App-like view.
    2. There is currently no specific Helabet App, but the mobisite effectively suits that purpose.

Helabet Uganda payment options

    1. DusuPay
    2. Helabet Vouchers
    3. AstroPay.



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The sports available on Helabet Uganda are:

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Ice hockey
    5. Table tennis
    6. Volleyball
    7. Alpine skiing
    8. Athletics
    9. Aussie rules
    10. Badminton
    11. Biathlon
    12. Bicycle racing
    13. Billiards
    14. Boxing
    15. Darts
    16. Floorball
    17. Formula 1
    18. Futsal
    19. Gaelic football
    20. Golf
    21. Horseracing
    22. Greyhound racing
    23. Hurling
    24. Lacrosse
    25. Martial Arts
    26. Skiing
    27. Surfing
    28. Snooker
    29. Squash
    30. UFC
    31. Waterpolo
    32. Trotting
    33. Ski jumping



Helabet Uganda novelty betting includes;

    1. Politics
    2. Weather


Helabet is also available in the following countries;

    1. Helabet Kenya
    2. Helabet Burundi


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