Betway Zambia Account & App Registration and Login

Betway Zambia has a multi-bet bonus of up to 700%. With a minimum of 2 games on your bet, you can get a 3% increase in your winnings.

How to register and bet on Betway Zambia – Step by step guide
How to register and bet on Betway Zambia – Step by step guide [Photo/ Courtesy]

Betway Zambia Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to register on Betway Zambia


Click here to login to Betway Zambia


In brief

    1. This article shares information on Betway Zambia registration and Betway Zambia login.
    2. We tell you about Betway Zambia casino, Betway Zambia Aviator, and Betway Zambia bonus.
    3. Read on for details about Betway Zambia App download, Betway Zambia contacts, and Betway Zambia cashout.
    4. Learn more about Betway Zambia careers, Betway Zambia deposit, and Betway Zambia deposit methods.
    5. We also tell you about Betway Zambia handicap, Betway Zambia e-wallet withdrawal, and Betway Zambia jackpot.
    6. Find information on how to delete your Betway Zambia account and Betway Zambia cricket.

About Betway Zambia


Click here to register on Betway Zambia


    1. Although Betway was launched in 2006, the Zambian branch of the bookmaker has only been live since August 2018.
    2. The international Betway site is licensed and regulated by the respected Malta Gaming Authority, and the Zambian branch maintains the same high standards.
    3. With a license from the country’s Betting Control and Licensing Board, the sportsbook and casino prove its commitment to security, fairness, and proper payouts.



Betway Zambia login

You can easily login to your Betway Zambia account anytime. You only need the following:

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Reliable internet connection
    3. Your login details are your mobile number and password.
    4. Click here to login to Betway Zambia



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Betway Zambia App download 

    1. Click here to download Betway Zambia iOS/iPhone App.
    2. Click here to download Betway Zambia Android mobile App.


Betway Registration


Betway Zambia Registration 

Betway Zambia registration is a simple process on your phone. Follow these easy steps to register on Betway Zambia;

      1. Click here to create a Betway Zambia account today.
      2. Enter your mobile number followed by your password.
      3. Enter your first and last name.
      4. Click next and fill in the required information to complete the process.

Note: Please use the mobile number linked to your Mobile Money wallet.



Betway Zambia aviator

Aviator is not available on Betway Zambia.



Betway Zambia booking code

    1. A booking code is a unique code generated from the Betway Zambia bet slip after making selections.
    2. It helps you to book or transfer a bet.
    3. With the booking code, you can still place your bet at a later time.
    4. You can share your Betway Zambia booking code with your friend to place a bet.
    5. To book your bet scroll to the bottom of your bet slip and click on Save bet slip.
    6. To load your booking code scroll to the bottom of the bet slip and click load bet slip.



Betway Zambia bet ID Search

    1. Bet ID is a unique code that identifies a specific bet placed on the Betway Zambia website.
    2. Login to your account to perform a bet search.
    3. Proceed to the My Account tab in the top right-hand corner.
    4. Click on the My Bets tab.
    5. The Open Bets tab contains the bets which are still to be settled, while the “Settled Bets” has settled bets.



Betway Zambia bonanza

Betway Zambia does not have a bonanza casino game.



Betway Zambia bonus

    1. Betway Zambia has a multi-bet bonus of up to 700%.
    2. With a minimum of 2 games on your bet, you can get a 3% increase in your winnings.
    3. The bets should each have at least 1.2 odds to qualify for this bonus.
    4. The bonus increases with each game you add to the multi-bet.


Betway Zambia casino

    1. Betway Zambia has an impressive casino section that is not only for betting but also entertainment.
    2. There are many casino games you can choose from including Black Jack and Roulette.
    3. Betway Zambia has live casino games which you can play and win in real time.
    4. You can access both casino and live casino options at the top of the page on the Betway Zambia website.
    5. Sign up to play Casino games at Betway Zambia today.



Betway Zambia customer care contacts

    1. Click here for the Betway Zambia live chat
    2. Betway Zambia email:
    3. Click here for the Betway Zambia Twitter page 
    4. Betway Zambia WhatsApp: 097 750 2192 or 096 092 0605
    5. Click here for the Betway Zambia Instagram page 
    6. Betway Zambia helpline: 096 107 1324 



Betway Zambia code converter

    1. A code converter is software that allows you to place a bet using a booking code from another betting website.
    2. Use the steps given above to get a booking code.
    3. Go to any code converter sites online and sign in (search code converter on Google)
    4. Enter the booking code you wish to convert
    5. Provide the site from which you want to convert the code from, as well as the new site where you want to place a bet.
    6. Click on the “Convert” button then proceed to “See conversion”
    7. Copy your new booking code and enter it into your chosen new site to place a bet.



Betway Zambia cashout

    1. Betway Zambia grants cashout requests on limited or selected few events.
    2. The cashout option enables you to take out your winnings before all events in your bet are concluded, to avoid total losses.
    3. Login to your account and check the bet history to see if your bet is eligible for cash out.

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Betway Zambia promo code

Betway Zambia does not have a designated promo code for bonuses. Promo codes are given individually by the bookie when required.



Betway Zambia cricket

    1. Cricket is one of the sports available on the Betway Zambia sportsbook.
    2. You can place cricket bets through the Sports tab at the top menu.
    3. Click here to play cricket bets on Betway Zambia.



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Betway Zambia deposit

    1. Login to your Betway Zambia account, and on the menu select account.
    2. Click on deposit and follow the instructions on your screen to deposit.
    3. deposits are instant, if it does not happen instantly contact Betway Zambia.
    4. The deposit will be re-processed within 24 hours.



Betway Zambia deposit methods

    1. MTN Mobile Money
    2. Airtel Money




Betway Zambia Esports

    1. Betway Zambia E-Sports is a simulated experience of real-life tournaments.
    2. The Esports betting markets resemble those of normal matches.
    3. You can play the following games on Betway Zambia Esports;
        1. League of Legends
        2. Counter-strike
        3. King of glory
    4. Click here to play Betway Zambia Esports.



Betway Zambia e-wallet withdrawal

    1. Login to your Betway Zambia account
    2. Navigate to “My Account” on Betway’s home page after you have logged in.
    3. Select the “Withdraw Funds” option.
    4. Select your Mobile Money provider (MTN Mobile Money or Airtel)
    5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw and click “Proceed”
    6. Please note that verification of details may be required.



Betway Zambia easy load voucher

    1. Visit your nearest EasyLoad supplier/vendor and purchase a voucher.
    2. Log in to your Betway Zambia account and proceed to the menu
    3. Select Deposit Funds.
    4. Choose EasyLoad.
    5. Enter your 14-digit voucher code from the vendor
    6. Click on redeem



How to bet on Betway Zambia

Click here to easily and quickly place your bet on Betway

    1. Login to your Betway Zambia account
    2. Select an event you wish to bet on and simply click the odds price to add to your bet slip.
    3. Enter the amount you wish to stake in your bet slip and the potential returns will be displayed underneath.
    4. If the odds decrease or increase, you must give your consent before you can make the bet.
    5. If you want to combine several markets, just click on the additional odds prices and they’ll be added to your bet slip.
    6. Once you are happy with your selection(s), click on the “Place Bet” button.
    7. You will now see the details of your successfully placed bet.



Does Betway Zambia have horse racing?

Horse racing is not available on Betway Zambia.



How Betway Zambia jackpot works

    1. Betway Zambia provides football jackpots where you can win very high amounts compared to the normal single and multi bets.
    2. To place a jackpot, login to your account and click on “Betway jackpots” at the top of the page.
    3. Make your selections, put your stake, and place your bet.



Betway Zambia welcome bonus

    1. The Welcome Bonus at Betway Zambia will give you your first taste of the exciting promotions that the bookmaker offers.
    2. When you make your first deposit, and then bet a minimum of 3x what you put into your account at odds of at least 3.0, you’ll be eligible for a 100% Match Deposit Bonus of up to ZMK1000.



How Betway Zambia works

    1. Betway Zambia is a fully online sportsbook that can be accessed using a smartphone/computer.
    2. With good internet access, you can access the Betway Zambia official website where you login to either deposit/withdraw/place bets.
    3. The various betting options are displayed at the top of the page.



How to delete Betway Zambia account

    1. Under Betway self-exclusion you can deactivate your account for the following durations;
        1. 24 hours
        2. 48 hours
        3. 72 hours
        4. 7 days
        5. 14 days
        6. 30 days
        7. Indefinite period
    2. Kindly contact Betway Zambia customer care for guidelines on the self-exclusion policy.




What happens if a match is postponed/abandoned on Betway Zambia?

    1. If any fixture is postponed for any reason, the bet will stand for the following day.
    2. If after that time the game is not played then all bets will be made void.
    3. If any match is abandoned due to bad weather, crowd trouble, etc. all bets that have already been settled up until the time of Abandonment will stand.



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Betway Zambia has the following sports;

    1. Football
    2. Tennis
    3. Basketball
    4. Table tennis
    5. Ice hockey
    6. Golf
    7. rugby
    8. Handball
    9. Volleyball
    10. Formula 1
    11. Snooker
    12. Curling
    13. Badminton
    14. Biathlon
    15. Cricket
    16. Waterpolo
    17. Baseball
    18. American football
    19. MMA
    20. Field Hockey
    21. Olympics
    22. Motor Sports


Betway is also present in the following countries;

    1. Betway Mozambique
    2. Betway Cameroon
    3. Betway Kenya
    4. Betway Mali
    5. Betway Niger
    6. Betway Angola
    7. Betway Ghana
    8. Betway South Africa
    9. Betway Nigeria
    10. Betway Uganda

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