How to invest in M-Akiba.

How to invest in M-Akiba.

Getting Started with M-Akiba

To invest in M-Akiba, dial USSD Code *889# on your line.

A prompt will appear on your screen requiring you to enter your preferred Personal Identification Number (PIN). Set your preferred PIN then press OK to proceed.

Please note that for subsequent transactions, you will use the preferred PIN you entered the first time. You are advised to keep your PIN a secret and protect it against unauthorized persons. In any event, you forgot your PIN, press 0 and follow the prompts to set a new PIN.

Enter Your National Identity Number

The M-Akiba bond is open to Kenya’s citizens who have attained legal adult age of 18 years and are in a possession of mobile money enabled phone, a duly registered line, and a valid National Identity card

Register to Participate in M-Akiba

After entering your National ID number, you will then be prompted to register by dialing 1.

Terms & Conditions of M-Akiba

The service will revert with the terms & conditions of M-Akiba. You are required to read and understand the terms & conditions if you are in agreement press 1 for YES.

Successful Submission of Details

After accepting terms & conditions, you will receive notification from your network service provider informing you of your successful submission of details. You will then wait a few minutes for a confirmation message.

M-Akiba Account Details

The confirmation message will have your M-Akiba Account Number, Your Name and the activation time & date of your M-Akiba Account. To continue trading, dial *889# on your line and follow the prompts.