How to impress a girl on the first date.

When you are going out on the first date with a girl, you desperately need to work out. It has been a mystery on how to impress a girl on the first date. Every girl is different but if you want to work it out then you need to follow some easy steps.


1.Own the girl

When you are going out with a girl, make one thing very clear that she is dating you and you only. Try to be original rather than copy someone else’s idea or personality. So, be authentic when you are together. Take her out on a date in a park, restaurant or even on an adventure trip but do not copy any ideas from anyone.


2.Take control of things

The only way you can make sure that she like you is by showing control of things. Girls love the men who take control of things. Do not make her work when you are going out or going on a trip, take a decisive stand and plan things beforehand what you are going to do. Discuss it with her if there are monetary problems involved.


3.Be a gentleman

Being a gentleman is the thing that is noted in most men by the women.
It is very sweet to respect women, to be courteous to them. When you guys are out, do open the door for them and do pull her chair before seating yourself. When you are walking on the road, put you hand on her back gently, she will appreciate it.



4.Be reticent

The people that are reticent are always the ones who seem interesting. No girl wants to be with a person who is an open book and tells everything about him at the first date. You have to save something so that you could tell the other interesting things later on.
People are far more interesting than others when they unfold their accomplishments gradually rather than talking all at once.


5.Have a Lifestyle

It is very important that you do not portray someone who does not care about his lifestyle. Girls are impressed by boys who follow a healthy lifestyle and give time to their passion and hobbies. If you talk about your hobbies in your date and give them interesting facts upon it, she may be impressed by it. Just don’t go into details and bore her.



6.Be Unpredictable

Being Unpredictable is one of the smartest keys a person can have to keep the other person interested in him. When you do not show your next move then you have the power to take the other person by surprise. This can be a very powerful weapon to impress a girl for she may never knew how you are going to surprise her.


7.Responsibilities and efforts

When you meet a girl, you make sure that she should not sit on your head for small things. When you date a girl, she has to put the same efforts for the relationship to work as you are putting the efforts for it to work.
Have her come over to your own home and pick you up every now and then, and ask her that can assist you out with small favors here and there. The extra work she places into the connection, the more she’ll value it.


8.Make the first move

This is very important that you make a move after you have earned her trust. Making a move is not expressing your love, it is more than that. Girls don’t appreciate a man who doesn’t have the guts to go for that first kiss or anything so don’t let her down.