How to get M-pesa statements via Email.

You can now receive your M-PESA statement directly to your e-mail address in PDF format (advice the customer they need a PDF reader e.g. Adobe Acrobat).

What are the benefits of this services?

  • You can self-register for the service at your comfort on your mobile phone to receive statements.
  • You can access your M-PESA statements on demand.
  • Additionally, you can to carry out reconciliations without necessarily having to visit Safaricom retail stores.
  • Statements accessed may be used as required to access financial facilities; depending on the institution requesting it

The service is free for all M-PESA customers and can be accessed by dialing *234# from their mobile phones

Customers will receive their M-PESA statements on a monthly basis or on demand for the:

1. Last 3 months

2. Last 6 months

3. Last 12 months

Customers will receive their statements within 5 minutes of making a successful request