How to enroll for Safaricom Jitambulishe service

This is a service that allows Safaricom Prepaid, Individual Post-pay and Hybrid customers to enroll their voice and use it to access services such as get PUK, Unlock M-PESA account, Get M-PESA PIN/ start key and replace their line conveniently by calling 100/234/200.

Table of Contents

How do I enroll for Jitambulishe service
  • To enrol your voice you need to dial 100/234/200
  • Select the Language of your choice [English |Kiswahili]
  • Select option to enrol your voice
  • Key in your National ID card number
  • Repeat the phrase “At Safaricom my Voice is my password” OR “Safaricom sauti yangu ndio kitambulisho changu” three times

There are no charges, the service is free of charge and is open to Prepaid, Postpaid individual and hybrid customers.

How can I stop using Jitambulishe service but still continue using my Safaricom line?

You can dial 100/234 and follow the prompts to delete your voice

1.Dial 100/234 and select “language”

2.Select the “Jitambulishe Service” option

3.Select the option to “delete your voice password”

4.Repeat your passphrase, ”At safaricom my voice is my password” or “Safaricom sauti yangu ndio kitambulisho changu” to delete your voice password.

  • When you change the ownership of your line, the existing voice will be deleted and the new owner of the line will need to enrol their voice for Jitambulishe service