How to Connect Content Marketing KPIs to Business Goals

How to Connect Content Marketing KPIs to Business Goals
How to Connect Content Marketing KPIs to Business Goals

How to Connect Content Marketing KPIs to Business Goals

Content marketing is a kind of marketing that involves the creation of online content for example- blog posts, social media posts, and videos, it does not particularly promote a brand but it increases the interest of the readers and viewers into the products and services. Content marketing strategy involves all form of written and video content. The goal of content marketing and KPIs of every business differs from each other and the type of content completely depends on the requirement of business type. Knowing the best KPIs to track can enhance your performance.

Brand awareness

The content attracts the customer more, so build the content for your brand specifically for the target audience. Content marketing completely depends on the quality of your content. It can work only if you put your best in the content marketing efforts. Create content like, videos, presentations, templates within your business. Generate the content showing your services and achievements. For the success of your strategy, you need to focus on some specific KPIs which are video views, likes, shares, tweets, and links. You can also generate some funny videos and gifs on the topic.

Measure your content

This step is very important to connect marketing KPIs to your business goals. Always measure your content before publishing and check beforehand, because viewers get bored with the too long videos or posts. The KPI for this strategy is to regularly check the views and shares that how much people like your content.

Publication and SEO

After you are done with everything like content creation, you need to keep a track of it. Content marketing KPI will now help to let you keep the track that is your content bringing people into an experience with your brand or all your money and hard work is going in vain. It tracks the performance of social media posts, searches, links, and email. Nowadays the searchers do not look beyond 5 searches on the page or hardly 10 so make sure that your content has a strong SEO.

Generate traffic and leads

Content marketing is the best way to generate traffic and ultimately leads. The quality your content delivers will ultimately generate traffic on your website or blog. Create content that is informative and educates the audience on the topic and drives leadership to your website. Create social media posts with blog links and ask the social media influencers to share your content. Now the traffic on your website shouldn’t be wasted, the next part of it is generating leads. For this what you should do is create content and hide it with a lead generation form. You should get the Gmail of the customer before being accessed. Blog visitors, Email subscription, session time on websites and blogs, and landing page converting rates are the necessary KPIs to track in this.

Converting leads into your customers

The most important and also the valuable step is to make sales from all the above efforts you have put in. Don’t miss the chance because the viewer who has visited your content is definitely interested, just make him sure that you are the best to give him what he wants. You need to educate your audience and make them trust that you are the one who can solve their problem. Create product videos, testimonials, case studies, and video tutorials. Keep the track of your e-commerce system and focus on sales metrics.

Maintain the impact in future with loyalty

Now, the last but not the least, maintain the impact in future with loyalty and retention. If your customer does not stay with you for the long term, then there is some problem with your product. What you need to do is to strengthen your customer success team with free webinars, discount offers, and newsletters. Make your customers happy with your service; ultimately they will make more revenue to you.

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