How to Clear Dstv Error Codes

Dstv Kenya has made it easier to clear error codes. Long are the days when you had to wait for a technician to be sent to help with errors on your decoder. There are three distinct ways one can use to clear Dstv error codes. that is by SMS, Dialing *423#, or through DStv Eazy Self Service

What you need 

  • A phone with a working SMS plan
  • Your Dstv account number

The procedure by USSD

  • Dial  on your phone
  • Follow the prompts to clear error codes

Procedure by SMS

  • Go to new messages on your phone
  • Compose a text message with the error message and send to 22788
  • Follow the instructions sent t to clear the errors

Procedure by DStv Eazy Self Service

  • Enter your Smart Card Account number
  • Choose the kind of error you are appearing
  • Input the code shown
  • You can now clear the error

For more on Dstv errors  go to the Dstv website

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