How to buy goods and services with Telkom T-kash.

Tkash Mini Statement and Tarrif Guide
Tkash Mini Statement and Tarrif Guide

How to buy goods and services with Telkom T-kash.

About T-Kash

T-kash is a Mobile Financial Service owned by Telkom Kenya LTD that offers a wide range of cross-functional solutions both for consumer and enterprise markets.
The service allows customers to:

  1. Deposit money to a customer wallet through an authorized T-kash Agent.
  2. Sending money from your mobile number to any other number conveniently across all networks.
  3. Withdrawing money from any authorized T-kash Agent or ATM countrywide.
  4. Topping up airtime for your Telkom Kenya mobile number or another customer’s number.
  5. Paying utility bills and paying for goods and services at T-kash registered merchants.

How do I check my T-kash account balance?

  1. To check your account balance please follow these steps:
  2. Go to T-kash Menu and select ‘My Account’.
  3. Select ‘Check balance’.
  4. Enter T-kash PIN.
  5. Press ‘Send’.
  6. You will get an SMS from T-kash with your current Balance.

From supermarkets to boutiques, enjoy paying for goods and services swiftly without the need of a Till Number.

How to Buy Goods & Services

1. Go to your T-kash Menu and select ‘Buy Goods and Services’.
2. Enter Amount & confirm details (You can set a maximum limit of the amount you would like to pay).
3. Enter your T-kash PIN and press send.
4. You will receive a T-kash SMS with a T-kash Code that is valid for 10 minutes.
5. Present the T-kash Code to the Merchant to process your payment request.
6. You will receive a T-kash confirmation SMS.

Please note, you can pay for Goods and Services on behalf of friends and family. Simply go through the payment process and send the T-kash Code to them. Pay conveniently, no need of a Till Number.