How to book easy coach online

How to book easy coach online

Buupass has made it easier for people to book at Easy Coach bus online. You do not have to create an account or signup to anything to book a bus. Booking through them means you can know the departure and arrival dates of a bus. They also list the fares for all Easy Coach routes and allow you to pay through your preferred payment method. But how do you book an Easycoach bus online using Buupass?

How to book easy coach online

Follow these steps to book an Easy Coach bus to your selected destination online.

1. Visit the Buupass website facilitates booking Easy Coach buses and contains lots of information regarding how to book a ticket. You will also get details on the payment methods they allow for all users. Easy Coach does not have their own online booking system, but have partnered with Buupass to enable online booking.

2. Click on the bus tickets tab

The bus tickets tab allows you to enter your booking information. From the drop-down menu, select which town you will be leaving from and where you are going to. Next, choose your departure date and then click on Search Buses.

3. Select a departure time and travel date

After clicking on “Search Buses”, a list of buses available will appear on the search results. The results will show the departure time, travel date and boarding points of the Easy Coach bus in your town. You will also see the bus fare for the destination you are going. Select one that is convenient for you and click on “Book Now”.

4. Select a seat

The next step is to select your seat and review your booking details. Here, you can choose any of the available seats colored in orange. The same page will also show you your booking details including:

  1. Your travel date
  2. Departure time
  3. Boarding point
  4. Fare amount per person

Note that: If you are traveling with a child above three years, you will have to buy them a ticket. This is because Easy Coach prides itself in guaranteeing the comfort of their passenger, so you should not expect seat sharing.

After selecting your seat and reviewing your booking, click on “Place my Booking” button on the right side of your screen. 

5. Enter your traveler’s details

You need to enter your passenger details before proceeding with the booking. The information you need in this step include:

  1. Name
  2. ID/Passport
  3. Phone Number
  4. Nationality 

If you are traveling with a child below three years of age, you will have to enter their details. If you are not traveling but booking for someone else, you will have to enter your details as the person paying for the tickets.

6. Make payments

After entering your details, the next step is to make payments. Buupass allows you to make payments via M-Pesa. Click on Pay using M-Pesa to proceed to the next step.

Buupass will send a push notification to your phone. A pop-up should appear on your phone with the following information – Do you want to pay Ksh X to MAGIC BUS TICKETING KENYA LTD. Account no. 362565737438? You must confirm this payment request by entering your M-Pesa pin. You will receive a transaction confirmation to indicate that you have made your payments. If you are not using M-Pesa, you can pay for your ticket using PESAPAL, credit card or bank transfer.

7. Receive your ticket

After making payments, you will receive your ticket through SMS or email. The ticket is printable, and you must present it at the boarding point of the Easy Coach Kenya bus on your travel date. 

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