How to apply for Okolea Loan on your phone.

Okolea is the first company to offer unsecured loans to all Kenyans without discriminating on basis of economic,social or regional status.

Clients who give truthful information, allow M-pesa access and allow crb access are likely to be approved for a loan with Okolea. You may borrow a loan amount equal or less than your loan limit.

How to apply
  • Go to google play store
  • Search for Okolea
  • Once the app in installed
    Open the app and fill in your bio data
    Depending on the application you choose  if Pick a loan amount from the loan tab and click apply
How do i grow my loan limit

By repaying each loan on time. Full loan repayment leads to an automatic increase in your loan limit.

How do i repay my loan.

To repay your okolea loan, Click on the “Repay Button” on the app or you repay through M-pesa by sending the loan amount to paybill number 245316. Your mobile number is your account number.

What happens if one defaults 

People who fail to pay their loans on time will have their details forwarded to debts collectors and the Credit Reference Bureaus.