How to access Hela Capital Cheap Loans.

How to access Hela Capital Cheap Loans.
How to access Hela Capital Cheap Loans.

How to access Hela Capital Cheap Loans.

About Hela Capital Cheap Loans

It is an online platform that provides the convenience of acquiring emergency and short terms loans with no security, no guarantors, no prior savings.

Hela Capital is a Limited Liability Company incorporated under the Companies Act (cap 486) of the Laws of Kenya. The company is licensed to provide exclusive credit services to clients.

They provide mobile products namely mobile loans and salary advances through our mobile application dubbed ‘HELA PESA’ which is available on google play store.  They also provide investment opportunities through a Peer To Peer financing model.

Loans are disbursed within 5 minutes after requests are received and our loan limit start at ksh 400 for new clients up to a maximum of Ksh 50,000 for customers who build a good reputation with Hela. To achieve this, you have to grow your limit by paying loans on time.

Paying early is encouraged since it increases your loan limit which you can access immediately and paying late is highly discouraged because your loan limit will not grow and you will attract rollover charges and penalties.If you exceed a month after the date of the last installment, you will be adversely listed with CRB and blacklisted by Hela.

The repayment period is a standard one month. Payments are deducted by legible employers from employees salaries and remitted to Hela.

There are two categories of Hela Capital:


This product seeks to address the emergency financial needs for employees in between the payroll dates.

  1. Employees can access up to 40% of their net salary.
  2. Product is offered on our mobile lending application dubbed “Hela_Pesa”.
  3. Salary advances are available to employees who work for organizations that have signed an MOU for the salary advance check-off system with Hela Capital Limite