How much sex should you be having?

How much sex should you be having?

Are you having enough sex? You might have wondered if you should up your bedroom activity after reading about other couples’ resolutions to have sex every day or about all the health benefits of getting horizontal.

In what might be welcome news to everyone exhausted from work and frazzled from kids, research suggests you don’t have to get down every day to reap the rewards of sex, at least in terms of happiness and relationship closeness.

A recent study found that, although married people or people in committed relationships who had more sex tended to report feeling happier, the benefit levelled off at a sexual frequency of once a week. Those who said they did the deed four or more times a week did not report feeling any happier than those who had trysts only weekly.

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However, you cannot put a number to this as couples vary. What might work for couple A can fail to work for you.

The solution to this is that every couple should try out and find out what works for them and implement that.

Once a week can be just fine or even thrice, it all depends on you.