Healthy foods that should be eaten in moderation

Healthy foods that should be eaten in moderation

There’s no better surprise than finding out that one of your favourite foods is as healthy as it is delicious. However, some of the most healthy foods are good only in moderation and can actually be unhealthy when eaten in excess.

Red Meat

Red meat is highly rich in proteins and also helps in born formation. However, some studies say that eating too much red meat, particularly cuts high in saturated fat, can lead to cardiovascular disease, cancer and an increased risk of mortality. For best results, eat red meat in moderation, and limit your intake to one or two days per week.

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It’s low in saturated fat and it provides a healthy source of proteins, vitamins, and minerals, all of which is beneficial for those of us trying to cut calories. However, we live in an era where most of the chicken consumed are broilers, which are often pumped with antibiotics that are dangerous to humans.

To be on the safer side, you can consider taking the indigenous chicken that is free-range chicken.


Chocolate and to be precise, dark chocolate is actually good for the body. this is considering the fact that they contain a lot of antioxidants which help lower the risk of heart disease over time.

However, most of the chocolates on our shelves are laden with a lot of sugar which is not healthy for anyone.

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Soya beans are high in protein, making it a nice substitute for people trying to eat a vegetarian diet. However, there’s some evidence that soy can act as an estrogen in the body; getting too much might worsen some hormonal disorders.

some studies have actually shown a link between soya beans and breast cancer in women.

Red wine

Who doesn’t love kicking back after a long day with a glass of red wine? The best part, this boozy beverage can help to lower cholesterol and protect your heart.

However, alcohol in any form can be unhealthy. When consumed in excess, red wine can lead to abuse and health problems, reversing any health benefits that might be present in moderate consumption.