Golden coffee dates

Gold cappuccino served at kempinski. (photo/k24)

Golden coffee dates

The coffee dates standard have been raised a notch higher. Anyone going on a coffee date now has an option of making it golden , yes this mean that we now have golden cappuccino being served in town.

Villa Rosa Kempinski is serving the golden coffee at a cost of 5500/= . The coffee is laced with edible golden nuggets and rose petals which are imported from Italy. Apart from that, the golden coffee is served in golden cups, this makes its presentation even more appealing to the eye.

The brewing process is even crucial as only freshly superior Kenyan coffee and foamed milk is used. This is then mixed with the 24- carat edible gold.

The golden coffee is believed to have a number of benefits to the body. some of these benefits includes, it smooths, lightens the skin and helps an individual to relax. So one of these fine evenings you can stop by Kempinski and have a taste of the golden coffee.