China scales up war against Coronavirus – to put up specialized hospital in a record 6 days

The deadly outbreak of a wild virus, dubbed Coronavirus, was first reported in China. Its fast spread is sending chill pills across the world, with at least 41 people reported to have succumbed to an infection caused by the virus.

The construction has already kicked off, with the work expected to get complete in a record six days [Photo/ The Standard]

In Brief

–  Coronavirus, which was first detected in China, is being widely attributed to human consumption of wildmeat.

–  The outbreak of the deadly virus has seen the Chinese authorities take a number of drastic measures aimed at containing the epidemic, key among them being the banning of wild animal trade and the lockdown of Wuhan city.

–  As a move of raising the efforts to counter the spread of the virus, China has embarked on a mission to construct a specialized medical facility, a project expected to get done in a record six days.

The Chinese government is rushing to put up a special medical facility as part of its intensified efforts to contain the outbreak of deadly coronavirus. The hospital, tailored to be completed in a record six days, is expected to be a great deal in slowing down the quick spread of the virus or even better, eradicating it.

The death toll stands at 41 since the outbreak was first reported and close to 2,000 infections have been reported in China and globally ever since. The tragedy has prompted the Chinese authorities to order a lockdown of the worst-hit city of Wuhan, with residents being directed to stay put.

What you need to know about coronavirus

The move to promptly construct a specialized hospital in Wuhan to address the epidemic was announced by the Chinese state media, which reported that the hospital will harbor 1,000 beds, with its design and equipment borrowing closely to a hospital of similar nature that was set up in 2003 in Beijing to address Sars virus.

The construction, which is already underway on a massive 25,000 square metres site, will run around the clock and will engage Engineers from all corners of the country, efforts aimed at ensuring that the work gets completed in the stipulated timeline. The hospital in Beijing built in 2003 to tackle the Sars virus was completed in seven days, beating the world record of the fastest built hospital.

China halts wild animals trade to curb deadly viral outbreak

The current outbreak of the wild coronavirus has sent chills all across the globe, with the World Health Organization just falling short of declaring it a global health emergency. By the time of going to press, the virus had been detected in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Nepal, and the US.