Brexit: History made as Britain breaks away from EU tonight

Britain formally exits the European Union just an hour before midnight tonight.

Britain exits from the EU tonight
Britain exits from the EU tonight [Photo/ Courtesy]

In Brief

– Britain voted in a referendum that favored Brexit in June 2016.

– Tonight brings the lengthy process to a conclusive end.

– Prime minister Boris Johnson expected to give a televised speech.

The much-awaited exit day for the United Kingdom from the European Union is here. Today’s high stake move goes down in record as the most significant geopolitical happening since the UK’s loss of empire in 1997. The occurrence goes a long way in negating the intensive efforts that have run across Europe for over 70 years aimed at cementing European unity after being badly broken during the 20th Century world wars.

The official breakaway is scheduled to take place just an hour before midnight after Britain being in the membership for 47 years. The nation will thus head into a transition period preserving all its membership status save for the name until the end of the year.

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Brexit will see the union get deprived of 15 percent of its annual funds and significant military constraints seeing as London was a key financial capital contributor to the union.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to give a televised address at the scheduled time, outlining Britain’s plans after the exit. Brexit debate took off in June 2016, proponents terming it as a move to independence and citing bullying at the union by Germany.

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The union parliament has announced plans to place the British flag in its history house for purposes of posterity.