“Kunywa dawa ulale” Passari’s heated exchange with King Kaka


Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris on Monday got into a heated exchange with King Kaka after the rapper took issue with her post saying that, “she should work towards ensuring better health care for the people instead of seeking medical treatment in other countries.

King Kaka was responding on a post of Passaris claiming that she had “invested” way before being elected as a member of parliament and therefore deserved better, in seeking for medical help anywhere she pleases.

It all started when one George Gathecha bashed Passaris for sharing photos and videos of herself recuperating in India after an operation, while to the aggrieved Gathecha “the ordinary folk is suffering.”

“You should stop posting this because, how do you think people from slums feel yet they can’t afford Kenyatta National Hospital KNH?” Gathecha tweeted.

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In response Passaris said:

“#ManUp I invested 50 million to be elected a leader. I served way before being elected.”

Her comment not only attracted the attention of angry Kenyans but it also caught that of King Kaka who faulted her for posting the money she used during her campaign.

The rapper instead told her to pull up her socks and work towards ensuring better health services for the ordinary mwananchi.

But Passaris did not take Kaka’s remarks lying down.

“You are so ‘full and fooled’ by yourself. ‘Words’ can instruct but they don’t do the work or lead. Let me spell it as it is. Get off your high horse & stop being who you truly are, who thinks through hate you can drive or derive change. I have worked & served. You?” She responded.

However, King Kaka appeared calm and downplayed her utterances, wishing her well.