Steven Kanumba ‘cursed’ my womb after aborting twice – Wema Sepetu

Why Sepetu failed to conceive

A teary Wema went on to lament how she has struggled to conceive without success(PHOTO/COURTESY)

In Brief

–  Wema Sepetu says former lover cursed her that is why she has failed to conceive

Bongo movie star Wema Sepetu has opened up on her struggle to conceive and past abortion regrets.

Sharing about her past life on her new App, she explained that her late ex-boyfriend Tanzanian actor Steven Kanumba was not pleased with her action, actions that costed her motherhood.

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According to her, she alleges that her late lover ‘cursed her womb,’ a fact that she says was made known to her before his death.

“Wewe Mwanamke nakudai, nakudai watoto wangu wewe, hutoweza kuja kupata mtoto na Mwanaume mwingine yeyote yule,” she said.

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In the same interview, a teary Wema went on to lament how she has struggled to conceive without success.

In a previous interview with Global Publishers, Wema explained that she could not keep the pregnancies at the time cause she was young, and feared her parents.

“Naomba niwe mkweli sijawahi kutoa mimba zaidi ya marehemu Steven Kanumba, na nilitoa kwa kuwahofia wazazi wangu kwa kuwa nilikuwa bado mdogo hivyo nilikuwa na hofu nitajieleza vipi kwa wazazi wangu,” said Wema.

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“Hata mimi natamani kuitwa mama na hakuna kinachoniuma kama hicho. Mwafikiria nisingependa kuacha hata copy kangu siku ndo Mungu anasema ananichukua. Ningependa kupiga picha niko na mwanangu. I want that with all my life, but I can’t!”

She has on past occasions disclosed her ailment.

“Let me be open today so that people can know this, I am suffering from a disease, which causes my eggs (ovaries) to rapture and thus cannot be fertilized,” said Sepetu in a past interview with a Tanzania daily.

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