KOT’s mixed reaction to Itumbi’s birthday message to Raila


Kenyans online have sent out mixed reactions after Statehouse digital strategist Dennis Itumbi sent out a birthday message to Raila Odinga.

To celebrate Odinga’s birthday, Itumbi took to his social media handle to celebrate the former Prime minister’s achievements and wish him well.

Happy Birthday Baba @RailaOdinga – 75 years is Diamond. Yours is fine diamond, it has been through, handcuffs, a failed Coup, disguised escapes, torture, political losses and wins, stones, Teargas, Power and all that appertains being a diamond! Hope to read your memoirs someday!” Tweeted Itumbi.

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But his apparent good thoughts for Odinga did not go well with a cross-section of online users. Others questioned Itumbi’s intentions while some termed the move hypocritical, given that they hold divergent political opinions.

Below are samples from a section of twitter users.