I quit church because of my pastor – Noti Flow says

Kenyan rapper Natalie Florence Kutoto popularly known as Noti Flow has come out to say that the reason she stopped going to church was because of an alleged pastor who used to make passes at her.

Speaking to Mseto East Africa‘s Willy Tuva, the Anything goes hitmaker said that the alleged pastor’s actions were so offensive, a reason for quitting church and her disastrous for men of the cloth to date. At the same time clarifying that she still is a Christian and worships her God in her own way.

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“Yes I’m a Christian, I pray but I don’t really go to church. I pray every day. Churches nowadays especially this Nairobi ones are fake. I find it hard to trust them especially pastors because nimewai katiwa na pastor mwenye watu walikuwa wanaamini kabisa,”

“First of all he had a wife and everyone thought he was holy and all. I was a bit younger and this is the first time I’m speaking about it coz I didn’t want to ruin his reputation,” said the singer.

Noti Flow and rapper Colonel Mustapha have been making headlines for the better of last year, with intriguing revelations surrounding their breakup.