I prefer Octopizzo’s Sausage to Prezzo’s – Anita Nderu

Celebrated Media Personality Anita Nderu
Celebrated Media Personality Anita Nderu [PHOTO/ COURTESY]

Popular TV host Anita Nderu has left fans stunned after she revealed that she wouldn’t mind jumping to bed with Henry Ohanga, popularly known as Octopizzo, should need arise but never with hip-hop artist Prezzo. Anita was responding to a fan who had sought to know who among the two celebrated musicians that she would give herself away to.

She was however quick to state that she holds no personal beef with Prezzo and that in fact she grew up having fond reverence of him but could not go to the extremes of opening the cookie jar for him.

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Octopizzo stands favored as she declared that even if only two men remained, she would still choose Octopizzo.

“Wow! This is such an obvious one. It’s definitely Octopizzo. I am sorry I have nothing against Prezzo but there is no way on earth… It’s Octopizzo. We grew up with Prezzo but at some point, I wasn’t a fan anymore and if it really does come down to the two of them, Apocalypse, I’ll be like Octopizzo,” stated Anita.