Amepaka kiwi kwa kichwa? Kenyans online troll Sonko


Nairobi’s governor Mike Sonko is a man who loves the limelight.

Well, being in the limelight puts one on the spot to look their very best. And the county boss has never shied away from showcasing his love for fashion, especially his love for Italian fashion powerhouse Versace products.

But as much as his fashion sense appeals more to the younger generation, however, it does not sit well with others. Fashion pundits on numerous occasions have criticized his style, ‘terming it as one that does not befit that of a leader.’

On Monday while signing a letter that nominated Anne Mwendwa as his deputy, Kenyan’s online were struck by the appearance of his hair.

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According to the online community, “Sonko’s hair appeared to be of an unusual color, way from the ordinary.”

Here’s are some of the comments from Kenyan’s:

@trevorsudi: “nywele inakaa imechorwa.”

“Hiyo kichwa ni kazi ya Mohaa Grafixx,” said @kenKennedy75.

“Anapakia watu kiwi kwa kichwa bana…. Can’t be me,” @mc_amoke

Media personality Sheila Mwanyigha: “A hairy situation…”

“Amepaka kiwi kwa kichwa ndo akili ishine?”Sharon.

@jillkui said: “Ametumia felt pen kwa kichwa.”