Do obese men have a higher stamina?

Do obese men have higher stamina

A recent study by researchers at Erciyes University in Turkey has found one surprising ‘plus’ to being severely overweight -it’s your sex life which reportedly reaps the benefits.

Titled “Insight on pathogenesis of lifelong premature ejaculation: inverse relationship between lifelong premature ejaculation and obesity,” the study’s findings seem to point at a correlation between being overweight and stamina.

The female sex hormone oestradiol is thought to play a part in that.

According to the study, the larger men with more stomach fat and a higher BMI could last for an average of 7.3 minutes in bed.

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The median time before orgasm is said to be about 6 minutes. the larger man time is much by one minute and 30 seconds.

The study also pointed out that “patients with life long PE (premature ejaculation) were leaner than the healthy control cases and the number of these patients decreased as their BMI increases.

As for why this might be, researchers also believe overweight people tend to have higher levels of the female sex hormone oestradiol.

This causes a chemical imbalance in the body, inhibiting the male orgasm – which means men can last longer.

Though at just one minute 30 seconds longer than average, it’s not a particularly amazing benefit.

After all, being obese is linked to many detrimental side effects that this ain’t worth the risk.