Flamingo Bet Kenya Account & App Registration and Login

Flamingo Bet Kenya has a transactional bonus awarded on a customer’s first deposit on a daily basis.

Flamingo Bet Kenya Account & App Registration and Login


Click here to register on Flamingo Bet Kenya


Click here to login to Flamingo Bet Kenya



In brief 

    1. This article shares information on Flamingo Bet Kenya registration and Flamingo Bet Kenya login.
    2. We tell you about the Flamingo Bet Kenya App, Flamingo Bet Kenya bonus, and Flamingo Bet Kenya minimum bet.
    3. Read on for details on the Flamingo Bet Kenya deposit, Flamingo Bet Kenya slots, and Flamingo Bet Kenya contacts.
    4. Learn more about Flamingo Bet Kenya withdrawal, Account balance, and Flamingo Bet Kenya cash out.



About Flamingo Bet Kenya


Click here to register on Flamingo Bet Kenya


    1. Flamingo Bet is an online casino operated by Magic Slots Limited in Kenya.
    2. Magic Slots Limited is a registered trademark reviewed and approved by KIPI (Kenya Industrial Property Institute).
    3. Flamingo Bet Kenya is regulated by the Betting Control and Licensing Board (BCLB) under license number 0000504.
    4. Flamingo Bet Kenya has slot games and 777 games, Drops & Wins, among others.



Flamingo Bet Kenya registration

You can easily register and create a new Flamingo Bet Kenya account by following these steps;

    1. Click here to register on Flamingo Bet Kenya
    2. Click the account button in the top right corner before tapping on “Register”
    3. Enter your phone number and password.
    4. Confirm that you are above 18 years and accept the terms and conditions.
    5. Once registered you can deposit and start playing on Flamingo Bet Kenya.



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Flamingo Bet Kenya login

Logging in to your Flamingo Bet Kenya account is simple. You only need the following;

    1. Smartphone or computer
    2. Good internet connection
    3. Your login details are your phone number and password
    4. Click here to login to Flamingo Bet Kenya





Flamingo Bet Kenya App

Flamingo Bet Kenya does not have a mobile App, however, you can still play on the Flamingo Bet Kenya website.



Flamingo Bet Kenya transactional bonus

    1. This is a bonus awarded daily on Flamingo Bet Kenya deposits.
    2. It is awarded on a customer’s first deposit for the day and is in form of a full or partial refund of transaction charges.
    3. Transaction Bonus (TB) will be credited to your TB account and can be seen under your account once you log in.
    4. For example, for a 100 KES deposit, the customer will receive half of his transaction fee as a round figure i.e., KES 12 Transactional Bonus.
    5. A transactional bonus is only applicable to the first deposit on a given day.
    6. Click here to see the Transactional Bonus rates for different deposit amounts.



Flamingo Bet Kenya deposit

    1. Login to your Flamingo Bet Kenya account
    2. Click the Deposit icon on the top right corner.
    3. You will get a prompt where you will select the amount you want to deposit.
    4. Afterward, send the request to your phone and you will get a pop-up on your phone to enter your Mpesa pin.
    5. Put your pin then the amount will be deposited in your betting account immediately.




How to withdraw from Flamingo Bet Kenya

    1. Login to your Flamingo Bet Kenya account
    2. Open My Account.
    3. From your account click on Withdraw and then choose the desired withdrawal amount.
    4. Click on SEND REQUEST and follow further instructions on your screen.




Flamingo Bet Kenya Roulette minimum bet (KES 50)

The Flamingo Bet Kenya bet range is from KES 50 to KES 18000.




How to play on Flamingo Bet Kenya

How do I play at Flamingo Bet Kenya? It is simple, follow these easy steps;

    1. Login to your Flamingo Bet Kenya account
    2. Select a game or category from the items on display.
    3. You can also use the search panel to get the game you are looking for.
    4. Click on a game and click on “Let’s play” to play.
    5. The “i” symbol on the game card gives you quick information about the game such as bet amount, game provider, and features.





Flamingo Bet Kenya contacts (0111050670)

    1. Flamingo Bet Kenya customer support line: 0111050670
    2. Click here for the Flamingo Bet Kenya live chat.
    3. Click here for the Flamingo Bet Kenya Facebook page.
    4. Flamingo Bet Kenya email: help@flamingobets.com
    5. Click here for the Flamingo Bet Kenya Twitter page.
    6. Click here for the Flamingo Bet Kenya Instagram page.



Enjoy the following games on Flamingo Bet Kenya;

    1. Auto Roulette
    2. Live Roulette
    3. Blackjack
    4. Caribbean Poker
    5. Craps
    6. Immersive Roulette
    7. European Roulette
    8. VIP Roulette
    9. Poker
    10. Baccarat
    11. Spin and Win



Does Flamingo Bet Kenya have a sportsbook?

The sportsbook/sports betting option is coming soon on Flamingo Bet Kenya.





How to reset your Flamingo Bet Kenya password

    1. If you lose or forget your login password, you do not have to worry as it can be quickly reset to a new one.
    2. Visit the Flamingo Bet Kenya website.
    3. Click on the login form at the top of the page.
    4. Tap on the “Forgot password” button
    5. Enter your phone number, and click OK.
    6. Follow the instructions on your screen to complete the process.
    7. If you don’t receive the SMS please double-check the entered phone number.



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How do I check My Flamingo Bet Kenya Account Balance?

    1. To check your balance, simply login to your account.
    2. Click on your username at the top right section of your screen.
    3. Click on My Account and you should be able to view your available balance.



Flamingo Bet Kenya payment methods

Safaricom M-PESA. You can also deposit and withdraw at any of the Flamingo casino physical locations in the country.



Flamingo Bet Kenya cash out

Flamingo Bet Kenya does not have cash out.