10 most recognizable brands in the world

They are easily identifiable

Google logo
Google logo [Photo/ Courtesy]

In Brief

– The average person gets exposed to more than 5,000 brands daily.

– Out of all that clutter, less than 10 brands always stand out.

At least ten common brands have remained indelibly marked at the back of our minds over the years. They are easily identifiable and we all are familiar to them like we are to the backs of our hands.

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Their simplicity and consistency puts them way above board. They are conspicuous and thereby unmistakeable.

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The following are the top ten recognizable brands in the world;

  1. Coca-cola    Image result for coca cola
  2. Google Image result for google
  3. Microsoft Image result for microsoft
  4. Nike Image result for nike
  5. Apple Image result for apple
  6. Shell Image result for shell
  7. eBay Image result for ebay
  8. Visa Image result for visa
  9. Adidas Image result for adidas
  10. Facebook Image result for facebook