APP: Taffuta Application

APP: Taffuta Application
APP: Taffuta Application

Taffuta App

About Taffuta App

Taffuta is the fastest and easiest way to find any business or service provider in Kenya. It’s a low-cost way of marketing your business. You can register your business with taffuta and get business leads. We help you generate business and maximize revenue.

TAFFUTA is a mobile app that focuses on providing information on various small and large businesses in Kenya.

More often than not, customers now days refer to directories, use telephonic information services, to seek information about the different sources of purchase. TAFFUTA thrives to provide valuable information to customers also helps attract new customers to business owners.

Search for businesses, contacts, directions, locations, products and services, anytime, anywhere using the TAFFUTA App. You get Phone Numbers, Addresses, Latest Reviews and Ratings for all businesses instantly. With geo location TAFFUTA app works intelligently as a one stop solution for all your daily needs. TAFFUTA provides you with information about Restaurants, Hotels, Doctors, Electronics Stores,Taxi Services, Florists, Airlines, Resorts, Real Estate and hundreds of other businesses and services closest to you. TAFFUTA is smart, efficient and reliable with real time information at your fingertips.

For businesses owners TAFFUTA exposes you to a whole new world of targeted marketing, with instant push notifications when customers query your business, products or services. Business owners also receive SMS notifications with the same information, so you always get in touch with your customers even when you are offline.

You Can Download The TAFFUTA Application From Google Playstore

Available on Google Play Store

Earn money through Taffuta

A TAFFUTA user can become an Agent of TAFFUTA. Once an Agent, you refer TAFFUTA to businesses and service providers, through which you get a commission when your referrals pay a subscription fees to TAFFUTA. TAFFUTA will therefore share 20% of the subscription fees with you (“TAFFUTA Agent”). This is done through a referral code assigned to you by TAFFUTA.

So, you earn rewards when TAFFUTA receives subscription fees from your various referrals.

How it works

TAFFUTA helps your business grow by making it reach all the users of the app. You can register your business for free upload pictures of your products, give information about your business. For small payment of subscription, we will notify you whenever a user looks at your business or products, thus bringing you close to the potential customer.