5 Ways for women to enjoy sex more

5 Ways for women to enjoy sex more

Women are more likely than men to be unsatisfied with their sex lives.10% – 40% of women have difficulty reaching orgasm at all, it’s a plight often referred to as The Orgasm Gap. This is the findings of a study that was conducted in the country a few years back.

Have you ever asked yourself why its only women who are majorly affected by this?. women can also enjoy sex just as much as the men they only got to get a few tips on how to get that done. This article is exclusively just for that.

When it comes to sex, as so long as you are healthy and fit, everyone should be able to enjoy it.

Ask for what you want

This is not about you being bossy but sometimes, you have to tell your partner what you want. You lying there might not get you the orgasm that you so much desire.

Guide him, tell him how you like to be touched and you might just appreciate that you did.

Get your mind in it

For women, sex is more than physical, it is psychological. There is no way that you are going to enjoy the sex when your mind is not in it.

Before you engage in it, make sure that you have blocked out all the stresses that you got. If you don’t, you might just be preparing yourself for a bumpy ride.

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Give yourself time to get aroused

Both the male and female bodies work differently, so get to know what works for you and how to get there. This is the point where we talk about the importance of foreplay. Under no circumstances should foreplay be skipped. This the only step that you got to being aroused.

Don’t obsess over orgasm

Ironically enough though, you’ll be able to enjoy sex more if you stop focusing on them.

If you’re trying to ‘get there’ as quickly as possible (and worrying about why you’re not), you miss out on the whole experience right there in the moment. the experience is also very important.

Get wet enough

Sex is like a slip and slide, add a lot of wetness, and you have hours of slippery fun. Go in dry, and you’ll get friction burn. Nope, no fun at all.

This should happen naturally but if you can’t get enough, there are artificial lubricant in drug stores, can try them out.